Education Links

As part of our policy to support local educational activities and encourage involvement in the Festival by younger generations, specially organised events at Rye Studio School are run during the Festival.  In 2016 the School students showcased their talents in curating an art exhibition by national contemporary artists from across the country in addition to their own works of art. This relates to another developing theme: giving greater prominence to the visual arts for which Rye is especially renowned. Our Visual Arts category includes Dance by the students of Rye Dance School, workshops in schools led by classical musicians, artists, actors and authors and an open day extravaganza, which, in 2016,  featured the Walrus and Carpenter puppeteers, the Octopot (a culinary experience for adults and children) and drummers parading around the town

These initiatives build on a long-standing Festival tradition to incorporate events for young people in the programme.  In past years, the festival has also been launched with a colourful carnival parade of students from local Primary Schools and the Rye Academy Trust.